SAKURA School Simulator


This game is a "school simulator game" which is made in Japan.
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December 1, 2022
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Sakura school simulator is one of the best games set in Japan where you will find the opportunity to enjoy the life of an average student at Sakura town high school. There are unlimited zany antics that you will come across in the game. 

The game is set in a small open fictional world. Here you will find a combination of realistic and imaginative worlds. On the one side, there is the life of an average student studying in high school in Japan while on the other side, there is a picture of Japanese animations with amazing and unique elements. 

The Sakura school simulator is so amazing in its graphics that you will feel like you are studying in high school as a student. There are a few violent scenes but within the limits, as you will not find any bloodshed or inappropriate scenes.  

You will not find any death scenes in the game, characters might feel ill or faint but they will not die. 

There will be 4 custom characters in each stage. You can change these characters according to your own choice.

  • Change the appearance of these characters and have conversations with other students. All these features make the game more realistic and appealing. 
  • Use tools of simulation to make friends and loving relationships. 
  • Attend school classes.
  • Buy different products and share them with your friends. 
  • Work at car restoration shops and earn money.
  • Arrange picnics and enjoy amusement parks. 

The game is unlimited because of all these actions that simulate playing. One of the best features of the game is that players can set situations according to their own choice. Perform your favorite actions and earn coins to buy different items.  It is 100% guaranteed that you will not get bored while playing the game.

Overview of the SAKURA school simulator

When you are going to play the Sakura school simulator there are the following six important tips to keep in mind for effective playing.  

  1. Beat the Yakuza leader if you want to avoid chaos.
  2. Complete different missions
  3. Get coins from NPC.
  4. Change the appearance of characters
  5. Characters do not die in the game as the concept of death doesn’t exist.

There are two different ways to enjoy the game. One is to enjoy school life while making friends and lovers to enjoy relationships. In the second situation go on the rampage as you wish.

Beat the Yakuza leader so take weapons from the Yakuza office.   As it is a simulator game, there are many different ways to fight with enemies.  You can also defeat enemies without using weapons as blood and violence are not part of the game. Defeat enemies through simulations.  

Characters might faint in the game so they will hate you after waking up. Click on the option of help if you need any kind of help or guidance while playing the game. 

Sakura school simulator can be downloaded on all android devices.  There is no need for registration to install the game. Download the game now and enjoy all of its features free of cost.

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