Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a 1998 copyright law that protects websites from hackers and thieves. DMCA consists of two main sections. One is anti-circumvention and the other is safe harbour provision.  It protects data and ensures its security from illegal resources. Through DMCA, owners can protect their content online. Servers work properly without any restriction as there will be no issue of the Copyright

Posts on the website of DMCA are designed for the visitors, while linked content of these posts will be available on the other website.

   DMCA does not allow copyrighted content to be uploaded because servers are designed to prohibit such content from being published. It is allowed all users to upload relevant and their own authentic information without stealing it from any third party. Before giving copyright notice it is necessary to understand all the rules and regulations:

Basic rules of DMCA 

  1. is the basic source on which all of our files are hosted.
  2. We protect files from illegal use by automatically having your copyright information watermarked.
  3. Files can not be downloaded from our server because all these files are already from a third-party website.
  4. All the applications and software on DMCA are based on facts and reasons.
  5. You have to remove certain applications from your computer or android devices.
  6. It is against copyright laws if you don’t remove content from your computer or android devices.
  7. Owners of applications have complete control over their software and applications.
  8. We provide complete freedom to the owners, that’s why we don’t save copyrighted content. We only protect data from illegal sources. If there is a threat to your software then take proper action through DMCA to protect your material from thieves. 

The aim of DMCA is to protect applications and their copyrights. So work with us to make your professional life healthy and successful. It is suggested to read the Harbour supervision act carefully, otherwise, you will directly lead towards misinterpretation that can cause you loss. DMCA’s quick and authentic rules will make your way right and steady. 

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