Legends of Runeterra


Collect cards, build your deck, & battle foes in this skilled strategy card game
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Riot Games Inc
December 16, 2022
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Legends of Runeterra is a strategy card game. Here skills matter the most that define the success of players. It is a digital collectible card game published by Riot games. The game is set in the League of legends. Like many other collectible card games players fight against each other to reduce health to Zero. creativity and cleverness are the main features to determine the success of players. Collect cards from different regions, each consisting of its style, and set the perfect deck to play the game.

Best league champions

In this game classic champions from the league of Legends participate in the world of Runterra.

Skills and creativity

It’s a tricky card game where every turn can be a game-changer. Upgrade your status with one of the best strategic card games, Runterra.

Free cards 

One of the best features of the game is that there is no need to pay for cards. Buy what you want so there is no need to pay for packs of cards.

Design your strategy

It is tricky to play card games so use your mind to set strategies. Adapt new strategies to get unlimited coins and rewards.

Action vs Reaction

It’s a constantly changing game. At every move, you will face the reaction of your opponent. So it might be quite challenging to win the game.

Compete with friends and enemies 

Make a team with your friends or play alone. Embark on expeditions and draft a deck according to your own choice

Explore the region of Runterra

Explore the adventurous land of Runterra to find out the secret connections between different creatures like denizens and dangers.

There are 24 champion cards in this league of legends. Each card is inspired by the original league of legends. So you can choose from all these 24 champion cards.   Each champion enters the battle as a powerful card so play smart and pass the levels to become champion. 

Get new techniques and skills to defeat enemies. Set your own rules to become a winner. Champions are key cards that can be used to build the deck but to defeat Nexus you need a team. Choose allies that are in favor of your team strategy and take control of the whole board. There are unlimited supporting cards. Face familiar cards and find out the new ones.

Every card came from the Region of Runeterra. There are six major regions. Choose cards from each region to win the ground. Players have an open choice to select cards from different regions. It is up to you to play cleverly with different card combinations.    

There are many different ways to win the game. Build your deck with different creative skills.

Overview of the legends of Runterra

It is free to play the legend of Runterra. Choose which region you want to unlock on the first attempt. Unlock cards according to your own choice. You will collect different new allies to design multiple decks. 

You will also get the opportunity to open chests from the vault. These chests will help you to increase the rarity of cards. In addition, you will also get wild cards that can be transformed into any card according to the choice of players.   

Experiment with different new cards to set your style and craft strategies. You can also check the rank list to view your rank in the list of best players. Where you go from champions to combat it all depends on you. Your every choice will take you to the chance of legendary. Download the game now and enjoy its unlimited features.

What's new

This patch, we're focusing on bugfixes and various quality of life improvements.

Full Patch notes at https://playruneterra.com/en-us/news.

This patch:
- Bugfixes & quality of life improvements

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