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We have designed the best features according to the convenience of users. If you respond to any picture or video on our website then your name and email address will be saved on our website. These cookies are valid for one year. If you visit our website again then there is no need to put all the details again. 

  There is no need to worry about your personal information as cookies do not collect your personal data so there is no threat of leakage. You can also save your account on our website but before it, cookies will take permission whether your browser allows or reject permission. 

   Cookies save your login information and you can also put a reminder on the screen display as per your choice. The display will remain for one year but if you take the option of Remember Me then login information will be saved for two weeks. As the account will be logged out then all the information will be trashed.

  If you are writing an article then a separate cookie will be assigned to your document. This cookie does not consist of personal information as it only shows the post ID of that article. The saved information will remain for one day in which personal information will not be leaked.


Whenever you post a comment on our website then we take data from the comment and save the IP address. To check out the genuinity of the email address it is further forwarded to Gravatar service. After complete verification of your IP address, the profile picture is shown to the public. 


It is advised not to post any image or video that shows your location and address.  It can be harmful for you or your family. So be conscious while uploading data on social media. 

Content from Different Websites consists of pictures, videos and articles that might appear on other websites as well. All this data will help users to solve their problems. Websites and their links are totally for the information of users. We provide such information that will be useful for users according to our point of view. Read the privacy policy of that website if you consult for information. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites. 

Secure Personal Information

We give preference to the privacy of our users. If we communicate with other websites for selling, purchasing, or exchanging data in any case personal information of users will be completely saved. We may share some legal information that is necessary to share. In any case, there is no need to worry about your privacy.

Professional Information only takes professional information from visitors as they go through our website. It might be about the IP address of the device that they are using, browser name and some necessary information of the user. 

TheProcedure of Saving Data

Data uploaded by users and comments on it are saved for a short period of time. Users who create an account on our website their information is saved on our website. Despite the username, you can change and alter specific information. A website administrator is another person who can change and remove your information.   

Users’ Rights on Data 

Once you have created an account on our website then you have complete control of your data. You can get a record of all the data that you have uploaded without any problem. All the comments and data of users have been verified automatically. 

Importance of Web Browser Cookies provides cookies to enhance and improve the work experience of users. In many cases, you can adjust, remove or accept cookies. But in some cases rejection may lead to the non functionality of some features. So read policies of any website in detail before creating an account,

What is the Purpose of Collecting users’ Information? uses the personal information of users for the following reasons:

 If there is a need for improvement then suggestions and comments of users help to increase the functionality of the website on the whole.

In addition, we keep complete checks and balance on the personal and professional information of users.

Google Adsense 

Ads on the websites are presented by Google. If you visit any website then Adsense is served by DART cookies. DART does not take personal information from visitors. It does not even save email, name and IP address. For further information, you can visit the Dart cookies privacy policy on Google.

  Each website has advertisement partners who might use cookies to display ads on websites. Whenever you are online on computers these cookies help to send advertisements that do not include personal information. With the help of email and IP addresses. advertisers send relevant information to your websites which also includes the use of cookies.

Updated Privacy Policy

Privacy policies of are updated regularly. has the complete right to change privacy policies. It is suggested to check updated policies on a regular basis through which you will be able to protect your personal information more effectively. It is your right to be informed about changes in policies and rules to enjoy the best experience.

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