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Fizapk.com provides valid and real information according to the interest of users. It is not necessary that information is accurate and authentic. no one is responsible if you trust or not information. You have to take action on your own. 

  • Fizapk.com just provides the information but the website is not responsible for any profit or loss if you take action according to the provided information.
  • If you want to get further links then it is also available on fizapk.com. 
  • Links according to the interest of the audience are provided in which information is real and real and valid. We just provide links. We are not responsible for the data or information provided by these hyperlinks.
  • Fizapk.com provides information and further links for the sake of information. It does not mean that we are providing suggestions. You are free to take information according to your own choice. 
  • Information provided by different links can be long-lasting. We don’t have control over the owners. They can change the content at any time. If the content is changed we will remove the link to that website as well. If it is not providing sufficient information. 

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