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September 23, 2022
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Yandex is a Russian company known for providing services related to the internet like Google. It is one of the best search engines as it can be used for different functions like navigator, weather forecast, music, videos and phone storage. 

  • It can be used to access different kinds of Yandex services
  • One of the best features of Yandex is customization through which users can change its layout to make it more attractive and appealing.  
  • Quick search results

User-friendly Interface

Yandex is simple and easy to use with its ultimate features. All the functions are displayed on the screen. It can be downloaded on all android devices. Get all the information like weather forecasts, top trending news and all internet-related services under a single platform.

Yandex is one of the most famous web portals as it has more than 30 offices all around the globe.    

Best Camera Results

Yandex has one of the best smart cameras. Place the camera on the product and it will identify the item and will provide you with complete information about where you can buy it. You can use the Yandex application to scan files and translate different kinds of texts as well.  

Keep updated on Caller IDs

Go into the settings and allow access to the caller ID to get complete information about known and unknown calls. There are millions of users all around the world who have installed this application and are getting its unlimited services. 

Smart Keyboard

Yandex consists of a smart Keyboard in which you will find one of the best options for auto-correction. Easy to swipe with different gifts and a translator.

Voice Assistant

As Yandex is a Russian multinational company, here you will find a Russian voice assistant Alice who will help you with all the information about online stuff, groceries, and alarms and you can even have a chat with Alice about your personal thoughts. So go into settings and allow access to Yandex for having the best voice assistant. 

Yandex Smart Home

Yandex is designed with unique and versatile features through which users can even control their home such as turning lights off and on, adjusting the volume of the TV, etc. The Yandex application works with a lot of smart devices, so select a device in the menu and benefit from the unlimited services of Yandex. 

Watch famous movies and blogs free of cost

Yandex offers thousands of movies and blogs that users can watch according to their own choice. Watch live and recorded shows and have the best entertaining time. 

Weather Updates

Get all the information about weather through different factors like humidity, atmospheric pressure and speed of the wind. 

Current News

Yandex provides all the information about politics, economics, and regional and biological factors.

List of Articles and Reviews

Yandex provides a list of different kinds of articles and reviews. Mark your favorite articles and Yandex will provide you with info about your favorite topics. 

Stock Market

Get updates about the ups and down in the stock exchange. 

Unique and Versatile

Yandex is popular because of its unique and versatile features. Search through voice input, scanning, according to the ratings and most trending videos on social media.

What's new

The Yandex app is becoming Yandex Start: now you can choose your own home page. It can be your personal website, — the Yandex home page — or any other page.

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