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July 20, 2022
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App Hider: Easy To Use For All Android Devices

The hide app 1.1.0 is the best privacy app. You can hide different apps and their content easily through App Hider. Through WEB apps you can hide social and dating content in secret space.

    Calculator vault is the best tool that will help you to hide apps in a private space.

Through app hider, you can log in to another account as well. Through the calculator vault, you can log in to two accounts at the same time. 

If you work in a secret agency or a business person then an app hider is made for you to hide apps and their content. App hider can be easily downloaded on all android devices whether mobiles, computers, laptops and tablets. 

No Need For Installation: Fake Calculator And Its Features

All the apps available on app hider are web apps so there is no need to install separate applications for using the app. Fale calculator will help you to use all the web apps without any problem.

With secret calculators, keep the privacy of all the apps. 

App Hider Supports All The Web And Social Apps

There are following apps that are supported by app Hider

  • Social apps  
  • Facebook, instagram, snapchat, likee, telegram, tiktok, Netflic etc.
  • Online apps for shopping
  • Amazon,Alibaba, souq etc.

Easy And Simple Process To Use Calculator Vault

First of all, select the apps that you want to keep secret.

Add these apps to the mobile home screen

Allow access to the password of the fake calculator

Enjoy the secret apps

Access Hidden Apps Without Any Inconvenience

There is no need to install separate apps for app hiders as all the apps are web apps that work smoothly on all android devices.

Apps are just one click away from the app hider. 

Use Two Accounts On The Same Phone Through App Hider

The hide apps APK are so unique and versatile in its features. Open dual apps on one phone and log in to two accounts at the same time. To access two accounts follow these simple steps:

  • Select the apps
  • Login to your second account
  • Use your second account in privacy and enjoy its functions.

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