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Draw and fill it up!
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September 12, 2022
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Happy Glass Mod APK is a game in which glass becomes happy when filled with water and sad when it is empty.  So download Happy Glass Mod APK 1.0.69 now to enjoy its unlimited exciting features.

Brief Review

Happy Glass was developed in 2018 and since then it has maintained its place on the Google play store. If you are upset due to busy everyday life then this game is made for you. It will provide you with peace and comfort to refresh your mind. Happy Glass is based on a glass of water in which you have to draw a line to fill the glass with water. It is easy to download games on all android devices whether mobiles, computers, tablets, laptops and pcs.

   Lion studio is one of the best platforms through which a lot of the best games have been introduced for Android users. Happy Glass has been considered as one of the top-ranked games on the Google play store. 

The game is downloaded by millions of users and shows its versatile and unique features that make it far better in comparison to many other games.

What is the basic story of Happy Glass? 

Happy Glass revolves around the liquid-filled the glass. You as a player will be responsible for making glass happy or sad. Draw a line to assume flow balance in the glass. If the glass is empty then it will be sad that it is shown through visual expressions on the glass.  

If you fill the glass with water then it will be happy. It is not as simple as it seems. There are different challenges set to reach the ultimate goal. To make a glass simple you have to complete all levels by completing the tasks.

Characteristics of Happy Glass Mod APK 1.0.69

Happy Glass is an interesting game that’s why the majority of  Android users love to play the game. It consists of different levels and challenges to win coins. There are the following important characteristics of Happy Glass Mod APK 1.0.69.

  • In comparison to the official version of the game, there is an unlimited number of coins in Mod APK 1.0.69. It will help you to buy different items to win games more conveniently. 
  • Happy Glass Mod APK 1.0.69 is easy to play. In the original version, you have to collect stars to move on to the next season. It is difficult to collect stars as it consists of different challenges. In Mod APK there is no need to collect stars. You can move to any season at any time. There is no restriction to collecting coins.
  • There is no need to worry about line drawing. In any case, if you are not able to draw a proper line still you will be able to fill the glass because there is an unlimited amount of water available to make the glass happy.
  • Go and install the game now because it is totally ad-free. Now you will not be interrupted with repetitive ads. 

Advantages and disadvantages of the game


Fully engaging game

One of the best features of Happy Glass is its amazing features. It will not bore you as you will solve different puzzles and different situations that will completely engage you in its amazing and unique features. Draw-line will also help you to be involved in the game as you will find it interesting to fill the glass according to your own designed line.

Play Games Even Without An Internet Connection

Sometimes you might don’t have an internet connection and it becomes difficult to pass time. So you will be amazed to know that Happy Glass is available in both online and offline modes as well. 

Interesting levels

Happy Glass consists of different levels. It will grab your attention and will keep you from getting bored while playing games on the same levels. So download Happy Glass now to enjoy its unlimited features. 


Multiple levels

One of the drawbacks of Happy Glass is that it consists of multiple levels that might make you bored. It might take you time to cover levels to complete the game.

Moderate graphics

The graphics of Happy Glass are not so good. It might be less attractive in comparison to many other video games available on the Google play store.

What's new

- Bug Fixes

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