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August 16, 2022
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As the name suggests this Clear Wave – Water Eject apk app will remove water from the speakers of your phones by high-frequency ultra-low sound. 

This is one of the unique methods in which we have used vibrations to inject water from devices by protecting the original system as well.

Decibel Metre is used to measure the sound level near the devices. It will balance the sounds to make it more effective and pleasant for the users.

Volume Booster is one of the best tools to improve sound quality. Once the water is cleaned then it will enhance the sound quality. 

Recorder: It is the voice when you are using a Decibel meter to measure the noise for cleaning.

Improve Sound remember if you use a decibel meter on two devices at the same time then there are chances that microphones will be clogged. To make the process run it is compulsory that either decibel and hertz readings will be not so much.

The user-friendly clear wave water eject app can be used on all devices whether mobiles, computers, laptops, headphones and tablets. You can use this app for any of the speakers that you connect with your phones as well. 

  • Through clear waves, you can check and adjust the sound quality of any speaker according to your personal choice. 
  • After using clear waves you will notice that the sound quality of your device will be improved to a great extent. 
  • Clean dust, coffee, water easily from your phones through clear-wave water eject.
  • Water ejection does not mean that this app will remove water from your device. It is made to remove water only from the speakers to improve the sound quality by high-frequency ultra-low sounds.

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