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Enables ANT and ANT+ wireless technology in your phone or using an ANT USB stick
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June 15, 2020
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Ant radio service is one of the best apps that work on all android devices. Through it, you can easily communicate with wireless accessories. Ant radio services can easily connect your android phones with sports and fitness devices.

    If you do not need health monitoring devices then you can uninstall this app from your device. Ant radio service is the same as Bluetooth best for sports and fitness updates that do not need any kind of wires connection.

Introduction to Ant Hal Service

Ant Hal is the same as other wireless connections on your android devices. Ant HAL will not use any kind of resources until you allow access to the apps for Ant wireless communication.

Ant wireless hardware is preinstalled by manufacturers in android devices to make communication simple and easy. If you are worried that it is draining a lot of battery then you can freeze or uninstall the app from your devices.

Uses and Benefits

You can install Ant Radio service by following these simple steps:

  • Install the Ant Radio service app
  • Download the Ant plugin service
  • Download Heart Beat Rate monitor app

One of the best features of this app is it shows real heart rates. You can also measure the heart rate with a heart rate monitor belt. Switch on the power button and it will start reporting heart rate.

Can you uninstall this app? 

The answer is yes you can uninstall Ant radio service from your device as well by allowing Delameter on your Pc as you connect to the phones. In addition, you can also uninstall the app by disabling the services in the setting. Remember to uninstall this app only if the Ant Hal service app is not supported on your android devices.

What's new

-Updates for Android 10 support
-Expanded chip coverage

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