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September 20, 2022
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Everyone can’t manage to visit fitness centers for yoga. If you are one of those who have busy working schedules then Yoga 1.2.4 is made for you. So learn basic simple and easy skills to shape your body and weight loss. 

   Everyone knows the importance of yoga. It helps:

  • It makes a person mentally and physically more strong and more stable. 
  • It is helpful in back pain as it provides relief and makes the body flexible. 
  • It also helps to reduce tension and stress.
  • It relaxes a person to have a healthy sleep.

One of the best benefits of yoga is that it boosts metabolism to reduce weight in minimum time. All yoga postures are designed by our professionals through which you can easily lose weight from the belly, butt, arms and legs. 

To make your lifestyle more healthy and composed download the app now as five minutes on the daily basis can change your whole lifestyle. 

Yoga Is One Of The Best Exercises For Weight Loss

  • Planned exercises for weight loss
  • Adjust time according to your own routine
  • Workouts are designed on the basis to reduce weight on the legs, butt, arms and belly
  • Yoga is suitable for all ages of people.
  • There is no need for particular equipment for workouts.


  • Burn calories and boost metabolism.
  • Improves mental health.
  • Makes the body more strong and more flexible.
  • Reduce fatigue and make a person more active.
  • Relaxes a person to have a good sleep
  • Enhanced sexual life.

How does Yoga work?

  • All the steps are simple and easy to follow as it consists of 30 days of yoga plans.
  • You will get a reminder on a daily basis to motivate yourself for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Make yourself fit with the proper exercise.
  • Get all the updates about weight loss per week or month.
  • Our professionals will provide complete guidance through video calls.
  • Start from the beginning and gradually go on advanced steps.
  • Yoga is a cup of tea for everyone through our most convenient and user-friendly app.
  • There are hundreds of yoga poses that everyone can follow.   
  • There are different kinds of sessions for different people. 

Free And Reliable App

If you are looking for one of the best yoga apps then you are at the right place as our yoga app is made according to the requirements of our users. Our app is totally free and different targeted plans are designed for people.   

Simple And Easy Workout For Women

We have designed registered and approved workout plans for women to shape their bodies. So take challenges and get the best fitness tips. 

Regular Workouts

It is one of the best yoga apps. It provides daily reminders that will keep you motivated to work out on the daily basis. 

Free Yoga Instructions For Beginners

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to start yoga. Then follow simple and easy steps through our app and perform yoga with easy poses. So get personal yoga plans from our experts as there are more than 100 poses available for beginners.  

Our Expert Coach For Fitness Plans

All workout plans are designed by our team of professionals. So it is easier to have a personal yoga trainer through our app. 


It is simple and easy to download the app. Work out at home as there is no need to attend training centers for yoga exercises.  

Burn Calories

It is not easy to reduce weight. The yoga app will help you to burn belly and thigh fat in both men and women to get the best results in minimum time. 

It is suggested to download the app now as it provides all the plans to work out at home with guidance from professionals. It will take a few moments from your daily routine to set a routine for a healthy and perfect life. Download the app now to reduce weight with zero charges. 

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