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September 22, 2023
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World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the best sports games for Android users. This game is available in the English language only. If you are one of those who love cricket games then you are at the right place as cricket championship2 consists of 3D graphics and smooth gameplay. Play the maximum number of cricket shots including Dil Scoop. Helicopter shot and uper-cut. This game is made for cricket lovers with unlimited unique and versatile features. Customized players to make a team of your own choice and also create interesting banners to cheer up your team. 

It is considered one of the best games on the Google Play Store in the 2017 winning category. It is the best mobile cricket game with thousands of players from all around the world.

How to play the World Cricket Championship 2 Game?

Manage your team and participate in different matches. Control your sportsmen and choose your favorite team to play the match for Android devices. Score as many goals as possible to win the game. Do your best and win games against strong opponent teams. Take part in tournaments and increase the ratings of your teams. Use completely planned tricks to win the game. 

WWC2 consists of twenty-eight different teams and twenty-four stadiums. Games can be played on the computer or online with friends and fellows. To make the game more realistic we provide eight bowling movements and sixty-nine batting shots. Different camera angles will also give you a real broadcast-style view of the game.

Customize Teamplay

Customize your players for the best gameplay and increase the confidence of your team with customized banners. You can also look forward to new Scintillating animations, more venues, and an easy control system. All these features make World Cricket Champions as the best mobile game to play. It consists of inbuilt anti-ban and proxy protection features that will protect the app from being hacked by hackers.    

Main Features of the World Cricket Champions 2

  • Play online and offline with online and local opponents
  • 69 batting and 28 bowling shots
  • Enjoy Builtz and Ashes to Ashes tournaments
  • More than 15 international teams and 10 domestic teams. World Cup, world T20 Cup, Builtz tournament, and ODI series.  
  • Click on the Gang mod where players can play in the gangs to compete with opponents. 
  • In a real match, the Batsman might get injured with poor performance. 
  • A realistic atmosphere like a cinematic camera and lighting enhances the gaming experience. 

User-friendly interface, animations, professional audio commentary, different camera angles, and attributes of players make this game perfect and best to play. 

You can play Wcc2 even offline which will help you to improve your skills to compete with strong contestants. 

Download the WCC2 now and enjoy its unique and versatile features free of cost. It will enhance your gaming experience with realistic skills and an atmosphere like a real cricket match.

What's new

Dive into the 2023 World Cup with an innovative difficulty system.
Engage in interactive cutscenes including press meets, and in-game sledging, etc.
Progress through leagues, aiming for knockout stages and ultimate World Cup victory.
Enhanced Indian stadiums

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