Pleasure Party

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Pleasure Party is one of the most entertaining games that revolve around social gatherings and interactions. It includes icebreakers, a parlor, picnics and large group games. Here you will help Tiffany to complete her college project Beta test which is a device for the detection of female pleasure. 

To check the working capacity of the device there are different kinds of sex parties arranged all over the town. As the player of the game, you can control the actions of couples in different intimate positions. In return, you will get money as a reward for every action of female pleasure.  

Key Features of the Pleasure Party Game

  • At the Pleasure party, you will have twenty different locations where you can arrange sexual parties. Invite 15 different characters for different sexual positions like solo, standard, lesbian, etc.
  • It depends on you how you arrange parties while setting different themes.
  • Check the compatibility level in couples which is the main factor in arousing sexual pleasure in the ladies. In case couples are not compatible then you can buy different items to increase their compatibility. 
  • Another best factor to increase pleasure is to ensure connection in couples. 
  • In a pleasure party, you have complete control. Control the couples, their actions and positions to record more pleasure moments and earn points.

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