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Granny keeps you locked in her house.
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August 24, 2023
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Granny Outwitt is a horror game that will provide a daunting horror experience. It is one of the scariest games available on the Google Play Store. The story of the game revolves around a character called Granny who is caught in a horrified dark house. You have to escape from the evil of Granny while facing different challenges.  Be Careful to create any kind of noise as Granny will hear you and kill you. All the elements of the house add mystery to the game. To survive it is necessary to solve puzzles and riddles.

Outwitt the Granny to Win the Game

 There are a lot of horror games available on the Google Play Store but Granny Outwitt is one of the most famous games because of its realistic horror adventure and threatening elements. The player is caught in the prison of an old lady’s house and needs to escape. Even a little sound will awaken Granny and you will be killed by her. Players can hide in different locations like under the bed and wardrobe. If Granny sees you then she will swing the ball on your head and you will be killed.

Main Features of Granny Outwitt Mod APK

 The following important features of the game are listed below:

Exciting Gameplay

Granny Outwitt is full of adventure and excitement. Horror and fear arise as an old woman follows you to kill you. Players can escape from the house while removing obstacles from the front door. All the detailed elements like dark houses, haunted ladies, and horrifying settings increase the gaming experience.

Realistic Visuals and Graphics

Developers of the game have tried their best to create realistic elements to make the game more exciting and interesting. Windows, doors, furniture, and even slippery floors all are designed with keen details. It’s a dark real world of horror and fear.  3D graphics also add realistic elements to the game.

Enteral life

In comparison to the old version of the game in this modified version you can face Granny without dying. so enjoy an unlimited gaming experience without being killed by a Horror lady. So it will help you to win the game while not being captured or killed.

Unlimited Days 

In the original version of the game, there are five limited days to escape from the horror house. If you will not be able to escape these days then you will be killed. In the modified version you will get additional days to enjoy the game.


In Granny Outwitt, you will not face any kind of ads. Enjoy unlimited gameplay free of ads.

Trial Mode

Practice enough through trial mode while playing the mode. In this trial mode, you will get to know about all the controls to play the game successfully.


Granny Outwitt will completely engage you in this game while enjoying unlimited time of fun and horror. If you are getting bored then step into the game and enjoy its unlimited features. There is one objective in the game. Escape the Creepy grandmother and win the game while using different tips and tricks.

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